About ELA

​The Elliot Louis Agency (ELA) prides itself on providing innovative and creative solutions to business owners and their operations whether they be in the preplanning and conceptual phases of a start-up, looking for assistance to revamp or redesign their operations or business model, looking for assistance in methods to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing expenses and costs, or in position to take advantage of growth and expansion opportunities.

Each project is assessed individually based upon the goals, desires, and needs of that particular business and our recommended services are custom tailored to maximize profitability and long term success.

With over a decade of hands on ownership and operational experience in a variety of industries, ELA is uniquely positioned to provide an honest, subjective, objective, and critical perspective to the overall operations and potential for success to create a custom plan of action toward achieving the most efficient, effective, and profitable plan for success. We specialize in organizational management and identifying ways to increase productivity and efficiency which directly leads to better service standards. We utilize the analysis of very specific performance metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses in service delivery and process flow as well as customer behavioral patterns to determine the best course of action to allow the operation to maximize high profit target areas and maintain high guest satisfaction standards.

ELA is always looking for the latest industry trends and technological innovations that can be utilized by business owners to improve and streamline day to day operations in order to put as much attention as possible on the most important aspect of any business’s success…its customers.

ELA and its team possesses over 15 years of experience in direct hands on training of customer service personnel and front of the house staff.

ELA believes strongly in a set of core values that are paramount to a business’s overall success whether it is on opening day or twenty years after the door opened. Customer Service and Service Delivery are the most crucial elements of a business operation. Without service excellence, nothing else matters…not product, not reputation, not design, not functionality. In order to achieve service excellence, ELA builds a strong foundation on which all aspects of the day to day operations of a company can rely on to navigate them through to successful service delivery.